Type Summaries

Your Type Advantage GuideThe Nine Types

The basis of the nine strengths types is a personality typing framework of enneatypes—pronounced “any-a-types.” Ennea means nine in Greek. While many frameworks are available to articulate strengths, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), DiSC® and StrengthsFinder®, most focus on traits and behaviors. People who work with enneatypes appreciate how they take traits and behaviors a step further by clarifying individuals’ core motivations. When we are highly motivated to do one thing over and over we naturally develop deep proficiency in that area. While we each of possess characteristics of all nine types, we tend to favor one primary type plus one secondary type. Two of these nine core motivations drive each person’s actions more often than the others. Select the links below to read a summary of each type:

  1. Making Improvements
  2. Meeting Needs
  3. Achieving a Successful Image
  4. Expressing Individuality
  5. Acquiring Knowledge
  6. Managing Risk
  7. Exploring Possibilities
  8. Asserting Boundaries
  9. Maintaining Harmony
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