Type 6 Overview: The Questioner

Type 1 Improver                Type 2 Helper               Type 3 Achiever               Type 4 Artist               Type 5 Observer
 Type 6 Questioner           Type 7 Enthusiast           Type 8 Asserter           Type 9 Harmonizer

Questioner-title_sm“Are you sure?” is your motto.

If you are Type Six, your nickname is the Questioner. Your greatest strength is discovering ways to reduce risk. You are skilled at analyzing a situation, and have a sharp eye for spotting potential weaknesses. For this reason, Type Sixes often make good lawyers, engineers, and psychotherapists – identifying ways to minimize risks of legal liability, a vital defect in a design, or a disorder in someone’s personality.

Of all the types of people in the world, Type Sixes feel fear the most strongly, and their minds often go to catastrophic possibilities. A tip-off that you are a Type Six is if you often think through worst-case scenarios because being prepared makes you feel less anxious. You find it comforting to formulate a plan for handling the worst-case situation if it arises.

As a Type Six, you typically lean toward one of two different styles of mitigating risk. One style is aggressive and daring, whereas the other style is reserved and careful. If you naturally favor the “daring” style, you might not consider yourself fearful about risks around you. Others perceive you as strong, and even at times overly aggressive. If you naturally favor the “careful” style, you might appear reserved or even timid to others. You might act openly shy or worried and often double-check with others for certainty. A comedic example of the “careful” Type Six style is Woody Allen with his frequent questioning and expression of worry.

Many Sixes have strong investigative capabilities and a keen sense of people and the political environment. If this describes you, you may excel in an environment where reading the political situation and deciding on the lowest risk course of action is advantageous. An example might be a lawyer working for the United Nations who advises groups on careful wording of influential documents. Questioners excel when their motivation to reduce risk is appreciated.

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