Type 2 Overview: The Helper

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Helper-title_sm“Let me help you” is your motto.

If you are Type Two, your nickname is the Helper. Your greatest strength is meeting needs. You take special pride in being appreciated by the team, being the one who does the “heavy lifting” for the boss, or the one who helps make someone else successful. As a Type Two, you ultimately want to hold a special place of importance in the eyes of the team or in the eyes of someone of status in the organization. The Type Two loves feeling appreciated and instrumental to the success of the organization.

The ideal Helper role can be found in just about any field, because there is almost always an opportunity to help another individual or group at work, whether it is a lab at a biotech firm or an accounting department for a non-profit opera house. The types of jobs a Type Two might find especially rewarding are human resources director where he can focus on people or a chief of staff where she can help make the boss look good.

What people usually notice about you as a Helper, whether you are a man or a woman, is heart. You speak with heartfelt warmth and show sincere care for those around you. You also tend to go out of your way for people and don’t stop giving. You go above and beyond what is required in order to take care of other people’s needs and you will readily “go the extra mile” if doing so can help out someone else. Type Twos often seem selfless and usually hate to ask for anything in return. They give because they love to do it; it is what they do.

Type Twos excel when their motivation to meet the needs of others is valued, such as by being the indispensable individual behind a powerful person.

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