Type 4 Overview: The Artist

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 Type 6 Questioner           Type 7 Enthusiast           Type 8 Asserter           Type 9 Harmonizer


“I have a unique way of seeing” is your motto.

If you are Type Four, your nickname is the Artist. Your greatest strength is expressing individuality. While not all Type Fours are artistic in the traditional sense, they all feel driven to express a unique voice through their work.

Type Fours in the corporate world may be the creative director who sets a distinctive look and feel for the company’s brand standards or a change management consultant who has an eye for seeing creative ways to navigate the human issues of mergers, acquisitions, and layoffs. Other roles in which Type Fours can express individuality are as a copywriter, graphic designer, retail space designer, actor, producer, singer-songwriter, painter, chef, pastor, and therapist.

You may appear deep, reflective, and sensitive to other people. You have a rich interior life of thoughts and feelings that you can translate into wisdom to share. To do this, it’s important to have creative time alone to tap into your well of insight and original thought. You may also appear moody to others because you don’t feel the need to keep things up and happy all the time. You are equally interested in exploring the dark sides as well as the bright sides of a situation. You can be melancholy about the current state of affairs, while holding a lofty vision of how things can be made better, richer, more elegant, or more meaningful. Your imagination of what “could be” can serve as a tremendous resource of creativity for an organization.

If you are a Type Four, you may especially excel in roles where a unique touch is required, for example, creating a unique brand image, an appealing work atmosphere, or an engaging conference program. Type Fours do well in environments that value their creativity, compassion or discriminating perspective that allows them to express individuality.

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