“StrengthsFinder Meets the Enneagram”—What Makes You Indispensable?

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Find out what makes you indispensable.

How to take this 27-question test: From each pair below, select the statement that best describes you, even if not a perfect match. If neither statement describes you, you may select "None of the above."
I tend to acquire a depth of knowledge on one subject rather than a general overview.
If I disagree with the group, I don't usually speak up about it immediately.
None of the above.
I want to be seen as a highly ethical person.
I sometimes come across too strong with my anger.
None of the above.
I am more aware of others' needs than of my own.
Others know they can't boss me around.
None of the above.
I often hear an internal voice of criticism judging my performance.
I am often concerned about the amount of risk of a situation.
None of the above.
I like helping others become successful.
I often go along with someone else's agenda to keep the peace.
None of the above.
I am very good at identifying what others need.
I often feel like an outsider or different from other people.
None of the above.
I tend to zone out with repetitive work.
Getting something done efficiently is usually more important than getting it done perfectly.
None of the above.
I don't like too many outside demands on my time and energy.
I often think of the worst-case scenario.
None of the above.
I like to be productive and to get things done.
I would hate to be weak or defenseless.
None of the above.
I am most proud of the times I have been able to help others.
I especially like thinking about future possibilities.
None of the above.
I spend a lot of time planning pleasurable possibilities.
I often find myself in a leadership role due to my natural leadership qualities.
None of the above.
It is important for me to convey a successful image.
Having fun in the process is a high priority.
None of the above.
If someone does something wrong, it makes a big difference to me if they try to improve next time.
I don't like it when people are emotionally demanding.
None of the above.
I experience a wide range of emotions from very happy to very sad.
I strongly dislike creating disagreement in a group.
None of the above.
I am often aware of potential threats or dangers around me.
I like to generate many options, rather than focus on a few.
None of the above.
It is hard to ask for help, mainly because I don't know what I need.
I want to know I can trust the authority.
None of the above.
Expressing myself in a unique or creative way is important to me.
I hate it when I don't have a lot of options.
None of the above.
Self-reliance is very important to me.
I like the comfort of routine.
None of the above.
Doing the right thing is very important to me.
I am constantly finding myself in helping roles.
None of the above.
I can be very hard on myself, and aim for perfection in what I do.
My work reputation is extremely important to me.
None of the above.
I am often aware that something about me is missing.
I often ask questions to try to achieve more certainty in a situation.
None of the above.
My private time and space are very important to me.
I hate being seen as unsuccessful.
None of the above.
Others have seen me as a perfectionist.
Comfort is very important to me.
None of the above.
I feel better thinking through the worst-case scenario because if I am prepared for the worst, I feel I will be prepared for anything.
I protect those who are weak or defenseless.
None of the above.
Ambition and achievement are very important.
I would hate to be ordinary---I would rather be special or unique.
None of the above.
I like emotional intensity, whether happy or sad emotions.
My needs are simple and I can get by on very little.
None of the above.
I like to achieve expertise in certain areas of knowledge.
Variety is very important to me.
None of the above.
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