Type 7 Overview: The Enthusiast

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 Type 6 Questioner           Type 7 Enthusiast           Type 8 Asserter           Type 9 Harmonizer

Enthusiast-title_sm“I am looking forward to it” is your motto.

If you are Type Seven, your nickname is the Enthusiast. Your greatest strength is exploring possibilities. You are eternally optimistic and enjoy discovering new frontiers. You are especially excited by the prospect of seeing what might be possible beyond the boundaries of the territory you already know.

Because you enjoy exploring possibilities, you might be a travel agent planning exotic trips, a marketing director putting a new spin on the positioning of a product, an entertainer creating cutting-edge performance art at Burning Man, a director of product development adding a new feature enhancement with the latest technology, or an executive coach helping a client explore his full potential. You prefer an environment that doesn’t confine you to a single pursuit. Hand-in-hand with a Type Seven’s style of innovation is a sense of enthusiasm and fun. A famous Type Seven is Richard Branson, the entrepreneur who built the Virgin Group, whose businesses include everything from music, to airlines, wine, and space travel. In addition to their diversity, his companies get high scores from employees as fun places to work.

As a Type Seven, you are a generalist. You enjoy learning and gathering information, but not necessarily in a bookish way. You prefer to learn about a lot of different things by directly experiencing the world at large and often develop a wide variety of interests.  You may prefer to jump between two or three functional areas or fields of knowledge rather than sticking to just one. Many Type Sevens are remarkably multi-talented and have the ability to bring together a variety of different skills in interesting ways. For example, a Type Seven might combine their knowledge of foreign cultures, sales ability, and graphic design to become a top global account manager for an international advertising firm.

You do well in an environment that allows you to develop a variety of talents, and where your optimism and ability to see the possibilities contributes to transforming a product or organization in a positive way. Enthusiasts excel when their motivation to explore possibilities is appreciated.

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