Type 1 Overview: The Improver

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Improver-title_sm“I must do it right” is your motto.

If you are Type One, your nickname is the Improver. Your greatest strength is making improvements, whether it is to make the world a better place, or simply to get the details right on a project. A famous Type One, Gandhi, kept striving to do both. He dedicated his life to leading non-violent demonstrations to advance civil rights in South Africa, and to end British rule in India. He even invented a portable, folding spinning wheel to support the Indian cause and insisted on sewing his own clothes.

You probably already know if you are Type One because it is the easiest personality type to identify. You are hard on yourself and always aware of what you could have done better. You also recognize the Improvers around you. They may be the office co-worker who is constantly straightening the break room, your neighbor who repairs the scratch on his car as soon as it appears, or the classmate set to graduate with a better than 4.0 average. Absolute perfection is, of course, impossible. However, you are motivated to get as close as possible and you often get frustrated when the outcome falls short of your ideal. Improvers can play a wide variety of roles, but examples of jobs in which they can leverage their excellent attention to detail are: quantitative analyst, finance director, auditor, trainer, software engineer and general contractor. Improvers who are not detail oriented, but have high ideals, might enjoy these roles: non-profit manager, politician, and teacher.

While you may be self-critical and easily frustrated, you maintain a pleasant demeanor and hold yourself to high standards for behavior in their interaction with others. Improvers excel when their motivation to do the right thing is appreciated.

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