Type 9 Overview: The Harmonizer

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Harmonizer-title_sm“I strive for balance” is your motto.

If you are Type Nine, your nickname is the Harmonizer. As a Harmonizer your greatest strength is maintaining harmony . You are good at generating a sense of comfort in a group—you often radiate a feeling of calmness and make people around you feel at ease. You are the consummate team player and can be excellent at mediating contentious situations. You are skilled at seeing all sides of an issue, and play an important role in just about any type of team as the glue that sticks people together or the buffer that softens conflict.

Since people feel so comfortable with you, they might go to you with their problems and confidential concerns. You may find that you become privy to important information that, if you desire, you can use to gently guide the team to cohesion. Type Nines typically shine when they use their ability to see all sides get along with everyone in roles such as a sales account manager, customer service representative, director of alumni affairs, resort manager, clergy, and conflict mediator.

As a Type Nine, you can exhibit either an introverted style or an extroverted style. If you are an introverted Type Nine, you will typically have a quiet presence. If you are an extraverted Type Nine, you can have a big energy that is immediately felt in a room. An introverted Type Nine may be sitting peacefully in a board meeting and only speak up when there is an opportunity to resolve a disagreement. An extraverted Type Nine may be the center of attention at a party telling jokes and making everyone laugh. While these styles seem outwardly very different, both create harmony with others in their own way.

One area to pay attention to as a Type Nine is erring on the side of avoiding conflict rather than standing up for yourself and speaking your mind. In the short run, avoiding conflict can work as a tactic to get along with everyone, but in the long run you can lose touch with your own passions and goals. Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone by speaking up about your own desires and needs rather than opting to remain quiet simply to avoid conflict.

As a Harmonizer, you might enjoy roles that require bringing diverse points of view to the table and helping parties see their commonalities and opportunities for coming to agreement. Type Nines excel where their motivation to maintain harmony is appreciated.

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