Type 8 Overview: The Asserter

Type 1 Improver                Type 2 Helper               Type 3 Achiever               Type 4 Artist               Type 5 Observer
 Type 6 Questioner           Type 7 Enthusiast           Type 8 Asserter           Type 9 Harmonizer

Asserter-title_sm“I’ll do it my way” is your motto.

If you are Type Eight, your nickname is the Asserter. Your greatest strength is setting clear boundaries. You are known for your personal strength and competence. You can defend yourself with ease. You also look after others who you perceive as being weaker and in need of your support. You have strong leadership skills and often find yourself in the role of the boss. You are a natural captain of the ship; confident in your abilities to steer the ship in the right direction and keep it out of harm’s way. Type Eights can often be found in roles where leadership and protecting others are valued, such as a plant manager, department head, union leader, or litigating attorney.

You may be surprised when others are afraid to go up against you in a conflict. Often Type Eights don’t know their own strength and can unintentionally intimidate others. From your perspective, you know how to use your power to your own advantage as well as to the benefit of the organization as a whole. While you are a natural leader and formidable negotiator in contentious situations, you can also be hot-headed and find it difficult to compromise. This assertiveness can get you in trouble with the boss, which can prevent you from rising through the ranks as quickly as those who are more agreeable. You can use your independent spirit to your advantage, however. Type Eights make excellent entrepreneurs and frequently do well as owners of their own businesses.

As a Type Eight, you especially thrive in roles where you can be captain of the team and make use of your formidable leadership skills and fearless independence. Asserters excel where their motivation to be self-reliant is appreciated.

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